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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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about 60 miles. this is where witnesses describe three men walking into a building opening fire. at least 14 others are hurt and now what has happened to the gunmen who were behind all of this? we do not know. i'm lucy knoll. >> i'm iain page. the horror unfolding about an hour outside of los angeles as lucy just mentioned our jeff cole has been tracking the latest since it broke. jeff what's the newest stuff from the newsroom. >> got briefing from the police chief about an hour ago. that is the most important information confirmed information that we have. here we go. authorities confirm as you guys have reported at least 14 people were killed. another 14 injured. some of the injured are in surgery. according to reports by the los angeles times with life threatening injuries. right now there's an urgent search for the suspects. up to three shooters say the police who walked into the england regional center and opened fire with what we're described as long guns likely semi-automatic long guns. reports are that that room is
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the room in the only building open to the public in the three building campus there and that building was being rented by county employees likely health workers. witnesses say they were wearing tactical gear the shooters, tactical gear and described them as heavily armed. police say they are carefully clearing the building at this point at about 5:00 o'clock they said they only had one building left. several news outlets including the la times and now the local police chief report that the shooters or shooter got away. that they actually got into a black yukon and literally drove off right now again police are looking for an suv, again, possibly a black yukon, that simply drove away from the sce scene. distraught family members say they got text messages and phone calls from loved ones inside the building. >> she said the guy came in next to her office and i guess started shooting. they locked themselves in in her office.
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they seen bodies on the floor and she said right now ambulance are taking people out. >> reporter: now again about an hour ago in a briefing an fbi agent out there said to the press, so in this terrorism? we don't know but certainly the people inside that building will argue they were terrorized, again, at least 14 dead, another 14 injured. up to three shooters. walk into a facility which treats disabled in san bernardino, california. police say the shooters are now on the run tonight. apparently slipping away in a black suv after unleashing mayhem on unsuspecting innocents. jeff cole in the newsroom. lucy to you. >> all right, jeff, of course, when tragedy like this strikes, law enforcement including fbi agents jump into action as quickly as possible. >> so we want to get more insight on how those agents respond. >> joining us now is fbi agent charles from newtown square in delaware county. thank you very much for joining us. and i understand that your
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background is in terrorism. now, we do not know what the motivation of these people are. but when you hear about something like this happening, what is your first thought? >> well, obviously a big tragedy. we always hope something like that does not happen here. but we're at least ensuring the community we're working together with the departments in both chester and delaware county to ensure that we're prepared and trained to, um, to confront something like this if it does happen here. >> charles, we've been talking about the fact that there are these three shooters who are now on the loose in a dark colored suv. a lot of times in these situations most recently at planned parenthood shooting in colorado there was an active shooter just one. here you had three. i mean does that tell you anything? >> i mean not off the bat, no. because i'm not there, not part of the active investigation, we're not sure obviously if there's three suspects. there's some coordination conspiracy going on but we'll have to wait and see what the
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facts come out as the investigation kind of moves forward. >> immediately the atf, fbi. we had the cher rips department, california highway patrol all of these agencies immediately working together. you do the same thing here in the delaware valley. what happens when what happens? is it something the feds take over the scene or they simply helping? what is your role in all of this? >> right. from the fbi, no, we don't go in and take over the scene. we're here to work with our partners from local, state, and other federal agencies. so what happens when something like this happens, you know, hopefully nothing like this does happen in our community but if if it does, we would respond and basically try to find the department that's running the organization and provide whatever resources and assistance to them we have. we have specialized team. we have swat, ms response teams and manpower to help with interviews if the situation still unfolding we can pro provide specialty teams or
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agents to help in clearing buildings ton neutralize any threat that's there. so our primary concern and response in going into to something like this is to help the department responding to this. >> agent charles, with the fbi. thank you soap for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> meantime, president obama just spoke to cbs news about the mass shootings in san bernardino, california a short timing a much litz list sin to what he had to say. >> you know, my hope is that we're able to contain this particular shooting and we don't yet know the what the motives of the shooters are. but what we do know is there are steps we can take to americans safer and that we should come together in a bipartisan basis every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this
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is something that just happens and in the ordinary course of events because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> count on fox 29 to keep you posted on this breaking story. we'll keep updated throughout the newscast as new information comes in. turning to the rain now. the changes that are on the way. your fox 29 weather authority. the rain picked up again but soon it will move out of here and after that, cooler temperatures will be on the way. let's get straight over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's certainly right, iain and lucy. it's been damp and dreary but mile. temperatures right now close to 60 degrees. but look at ultimate doppler. got news is, most of the heavy rain has building gun to lift on out of here. watching heavier pockets moving towards sections of carbon and monroe counties in sections of the pocono mountains they can see a flurry by tomorrow morni morning. look of take a look at the concern if you're trying to fly out of philadelphia international airport. clouds, mist, drizzle but look at the temperature. 59 degrees. airport delays 94 minutes so over an hour and a half. other problems as you head up
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the road look at laguardia, we're looking at 43 minute airport delays. newark 79 minutes. rainfall totals for today, about a tenth of an inch to a little over a quarter of an inch in some locations. but look at how mild it is. well above average temperatures right now in the upper 50s for most. 60 degrees right now in dover. so here's the bottom line for this evening. most of the rain tapering off. but you have to watch out for drizzle through that evening commute and also it's going to stay foggy with reduced visibles and also the wind it's going to be picking up. we'll talk about cooler temperature change wis that seven day forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right. scott. thank you. developing now the tragic end to a day long search. young mother and her three month old daughter found dead in an rural area of cumberland county. investigators recovering their bodies just days after they were reported missing and as the grieving begins prosecutors are focusing on the man they say is responsible for their deaths. >> fox 29's karen hepp reveals his connection to the victims and the charges he faces to
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night. >> reporter: this the news this community had absolutely been fearing. a miss mother and her baby were murdered. they were found dead last night in western cumberland county and it is a very small comfort suspect is now in custody. it is bleak and gray and matches the mood. a community's worse fears realized. a bright have i bran hard-working mother and her little tiny baby have been found dead. police say 34-year-old naidy ramirez and three month old genesis were murdered. they were last scene alive here doing laundry on friday. who killed an innocent three month old baby and her mother? police say this man. 34-year-old ricardo santiago. the father of one of naidy's other children. >> has been charged with two counts of homicide and lodged in the cumberland county jail on $1 million full cash bail. >> reporter: outside the home today, bitterness and despair. they are simply too upset and
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broken hearted to speak. the whole town is rattled. >> my prayers are with everybody that's in that family and everybody that has to go through that. the father of the child who lost their now three month old child. >> reporter: naidy work at this pasta shop for more than decade. many of her co-workers were like sisters in fact some of her family did work here, too. they immediately launched a facebook campaign to find her. now, they are devastated by the trap tragic turn stephanie writes, our hearts are broken. >> it's a shame. >> reporter: her car was found ban donned saturday on 55. police think she and her baby may have been killed on friday night. >> it appears there was in some sort of dispute going on. >> reporter: police say that santiago is cooperating. he will be arraigned on those charges tomorrow at 1:30 and that's when we expect to learn a lot more details about this case exactly what did go wrong in this tragedy. from vineland, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. ♪ we are staying on top of breaking news for you out of san bernardino, california where we
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know there are 14 people dead. there are what we understand three shooters who are now on the loose somewhere in a dark colored suv. you're looking at a scene right now. reporters and press people out there waiting for a news conference. we are expecting an update from officials out there and of course sunset happens we'll bring it to you. >> about an hour ago, san bernardino police said that basically that these three gunmen you mentioned iain they came prepareed to what they did as if they were on a mission. we'll have more of this as the news continues to break right here on fox 29. back in a moment.
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breaking right now the chase may be on for the suspects in a mass shooting much gloats to fox news channel live and listen in. >> another note. let me see i have another note coming in. >> we've got aerials. >> i don't know yet. >> we have aerials. >> bit of activity. we are getting reports that there was a chase of a pickup truck and then an suv. we seen one car in the middle it
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looks like a dark suv in the middle of the road there. this is not far from where you are. is that right? >> no. that's right. in fact give people an idea we're located we're directly east of the downtown los angeles a good hour drive or two. two main free ways cross like a cross full we're not far from either of them an lot of roads around here that lead through a lot of places frankly. you can get to mountains, get to the desert get to anywhere but the fact this is taking place -- ooh see helicopter taking a way. i'll step away lance much not far from us. out of the reach much our camera to see what is taking place you can see all of a sudden in matter of a second the officers tour out of here. went towards those locations. you mentioned brett two cars. i've been told two cars a truck and an suv. the suv was the one we were tip off about first. again doesn't mean these are the people involved. this is the situation we have in san bernardino. >> adam, thank you. >> as soon as we get some more information. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom. he may have more information about the breaking story we're
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seeing now and this police action. trace? >> brett, this is in south san bernardino. what happened here scanners sh shots fired in this case and we're being told on scanner traffic that one person is down here. this was a chase that lasted for several miles they had the california highway patrol as well as the san bernardino police involved in this thing and the sheriff this thing went on and then one apparently got out of the car was tackled by four police officers and then in the reports shots being fired out the back window toward police. and apparently police have now returned fire. we don't know but you can see right there, clearly there is gunfire out of all windows, police on all sides and we now know that one person is down. if you go back earlier, brett, you have to remember, it was initially said to be a black yukon that they were looking for. we don't know what this car is right now, but it appears not to be a yukon. this car might have had utah plates according to scanner
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traffic but they were wanted inside men one of them got out and they opened fire and then apparently police have returned fire because all the windows in this case are blasted out. they have just called for a gurney, ambulances. we don't know if any police were hit when the suspects or suspect inside the car opened fire. but clearly they were firing from both sides and now at least one person is down. but, again, we do not know if this is connected with the shooting earlier in san bernardino that happened some four hours and 15 minutes ago. but awfully big coincidence if it's not. brett. >> we're looking life here on the street there. you see the suv in the middle and it does look as you said gun riddled and there are police officers staging right outside there. we are on a delay here just for everyone to know and we will monitor the situation as it develops. as you see the news helicopter pulling out a bit. joining me on the phone again matt graham who has experience
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with swat units and obviously surrounding dangerous situations like this. at this moment, what's going on, matt, and what's -- what do you see and how they're staging th this. they're working everything to the mobility of what's going on once the vehicles stop you have to restrict the mobile of those people inside the vehicle and the vehicle itself. so what you don't want to do and it's the basic containment issue. you want to contain that event and make sure that the vehicle itself or the people in that vehicle don't again become mobile. whether getting into other vehicles or getting out and just fleeing on foot. it appears as though obviously there's been an exchange gunfire back and forth which that puts it in the advantage of law enforcement in that response due to the sheer number of people that they have. there. >> back here in studio ron haas company. what -- is it surprising that this is this close to the site if this in fact are these guys? >> it is surprising.
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but you have to consider every possible he scenario. could these guys have put down somewhere waited for little bit police, you know torque pass guy en route to the scene. fought they were good to go and then decided they were going to leave that area? you're dealing with a situation here where the police are hyper vigilant and the offenders the subjects are hyper vigilant, too, and if these offenders saw police car turn around and start to come up behind them, it could be that they decided hey we'll shoot right now and try to make our break at this point rather than just be calm and hope that that police officer goes by. >> rod, i'm not seeing any activity in this suv. i'm seeing a lot of staging on the other side. your sense of what's going down here? >> the main thing the police are trying to determine now is whether or not there's any booby traps associated with that vehicle and that's why they're not running up to the vehicle either even though it appears whoever was inside the vehicle has been disable. they need to make sure they're going to probably bring in the
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bomb squad to walk up to that vehicle and maybe even send in robot or something like that because oftentimes in these situations there is a backup plan by the bad guys, in this case maybe they have that vehicle wired or something. so as soon as law enforcement gets there, it blows up. we don't know. and that's why, again, you don't see law enforcement just running up to the vehicle perhaps. >> it was just moving in the -- most in the front seat. >> trace gallagher, monitoring all the traffic and law enforcement trace. anything else? >> yeah, just to give you an idea brett we do believe there is still one person inside the car and now at least one person on foot running away. and we're being told from police they are calling for medical aid because they believe an officer has been hit and is down. so now you have an officer down. at least one of the suspects, again, unclear if this is one of the suspects from the earlier shooting. one of the suspects down. another suspect appears to be inside the car and what they're moving toward that car or will be soon is something called a bear cat kind of a barricade --
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>> seeing that now. >> yeah, the bear cats moving up there trying to see if this other suspect wounded or incapacitated and in a different seen you can't see on the helicopter brett they are looking for a man who's running away from the scene. they have asked for urgent medical help and police escort for the bear cat because apparently one suspect is still alive inside the car. one is down. one is on the run. we knew there were at least three. there might have been more. we earlier saw another suspect being converged on by police. is there four? are there four suspects? that's unclear right now. clearly, there are three suspe suspects that have been or were inside this car. >> yeah. we should point out we were waiting for news conference obviously at the top of the hour. did it not happen because things were happening quickly. and this chase ensued. we are starting to see some movement now there on the street. matt graham still with me. swat officer instructor graham
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combat this going to move quickly are they going to take their time here matt? >> depends when the last round was fired. from inside the vehicle people are still actively engaging or have the ability to engage it's going to go a little slower. the presence of the bear cat can speed it up a little bit that's an armored truck the team was able to deploy from and work in and out of and it's kind of a buffer between you and the threat. you always want to put something between you and the hurt so they're putting that bare cat between them so they can start to work with that. it also gives them the advantage getting up and over the vehicle. be able to see down into the cab of that vehicle and gauge if they need while making an approach or like rod said coming up to clear it for explosives. >> what about keeping someone alive in that car as we wait for this news conference that is getting ready to start here. let's head there. i'll finish up that thought when we get more information here from san bernardino. let's listen in. >> i'm sergeant with the san bernardino police department. >> can you step up to.
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step way closer. thank you. >> how is that. >> my vicky cervantes i'm a sergeant with the san bernardino police depth. just update for you. the number of wounded has increased to 17 at this point. the number of fatalities has remain at 14. we have a telephone number that we would like to provide for people that want to be united with their family that was possibly at the regional inn land regional center today. that telephone number is 800 800-637-6653. we are asking that anybody that has family that was at this facility call this telephone number first and the person will advise you where you need to go in order to talk to somebody get reunited with your families. >> sergeant, crew got on-going tactical situation up the road here wher where with suspect dod officers possibly down.
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what do you know about that? >> i did hear the radio traffic on that. there is an active scene. i believe there may be a suspect down. it's my understanding that -- the officer is okay, and i don't have many updates on that oh other than the officer is okay. >> can you confirm it's connected to this shooting? >> i cannot confirm that at this point. again, there's a dark-colored suv involved and i believe there is one suspect down. it's very active and we will update you as soon as we get more information on that. >> just one scene? >> correct. just one scene. >> only one suspect? >> i only know of one. that doesn't mean that there aren't more at this point. >> how far away is that from here? >> probably a couple miles from here. >> sergeant, please repeat once again, there is an active scenery lated possibly to this mass shooting earlier watch is going on? >> the only thing i know there were shots fired. officers were involved and there
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is a suspect down. whether it's related or not we don't know yet. we will update you as we told you we will update you on the hour. we'll remain out here and we will update you as soon as we get any additional hopefully win the hour. >> were any officers hit between the suspect and the officer? >> i cannot confirm that. i know that all officers are okay. whether or not they were struck, i don't know. >> what led to you this suv? >> i couldn't tell that you at this point either. it's just -- this is such an active fluid investigation, um, there's so many aspects it to and we just don't have all that information at this time. >> suspect on the run? right now? >> that i don't know. >> sergeant... >> the building clear. >> we saw school buses go by. >> who is on the buses and is the building now clear. >> that i don't know. it's my assumption witnesses and victims were in those buses but i don't know if the building is completely cleared yet.
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>> what about the condition of the victims at the hospital? how many people are hospitalized as far as you know and what generally -- tell us what their conditions are. any gravely critical? >> i've heard they range from minor injuries from, n occurred while falling down trying to escape and they've go up as high as gunshot wounds. so i don't know their status. >> why did the number go up three this hour? were these three people that were found in the building hiding? where did these three come from? >> i don't know. it was just an update that the fire department provided us. okay. we'll be back at -- >> were there gun shells found. >> 4:00 o'clock. >> i don't know. we will be back at 4:00 o'clock. hopefully with some more and all media coverage will be at this location. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. what did we learn there? we learned that the number of wounded has gone up to 17
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fatalities still at 14 there is this on-going situation we're looking at life and what's happening now that these vehicles, these bear cats have basically pinned in the car in question. we're told that one suspect is down. all officers are okay. despite the radio traffic that one had been hit but apparently they're saying they're all okay. we have another report that one suspect is detained. one down. trace gallagher still with me out there trace? >> i am. >> brett, the officer we talk about earlier apparently was hit by a ricochet bullet and apparently will be okay. the scanner traffic said when these bear cats pulled up they were going in to check on the quote body plural bodies inside the car. that apparently is what they're doing right now. the other suspect we can tell you was still on the run because they continually give the location update of that third suspect who is running away at one point they were describing how the suspect was taking off clothing taking off this
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camouflage gear and continuing to run. they are now converging on that suspect who was at last check at a church about three or four blocks away from the scene you're seeing here. the police officer said this was couple miles down the road. this is about 1 mile from where the shooting happened earlier at the regional center where the 14 people were shot and killed. and now you can see officers have got that car, the suv, surrounded. this appears to be in connection because nobody knocking down the press conference this appears to be in connection with the earlier shot shooting. we're waiting to fine out from police right now if in fact these two suspects inside the car have been neutralized. >> just to reset for everyone as we're looking life there san bernardino, this incident happened short after 11:00 local time. it's believed up to three, we don't know actually, three at least, according to witnesses, military style gear, they walked in to this social services
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center, shortly after 11:00 local time in a conference center where county health officials were holding a holiday luncheon, and opened fire. 14 dead as we said. 17 wounded. the gunmen were described as having long guns. no specific identification yet on the ballistics of those guns from investigators or from authorities. now, let's go to adam housely. he's on the live view joining us now. adam? >> reporter: yeah i'll have lance -- we pulled up to the scene. lance would you take the camera and turn it to the right. we're right here on the corner what's tippy canoe of a major avenue out here in san bernardino been out here for other stories and things. major thorofare. that's basically the main intersection near where the shoot out took place. you can see where they have law enforcement here. ambulance, fire trucks and you can see some of the unmark cars that are going through. they've shut it off obviously for anybody like us are locals
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moving out of the way to let people by in. turn the corner here but you can see massive police presence he here. massive also federal presence here. right down there lance can you see the car down there? it's just out of our reach possibly. we'll pull over and walk over there so you can see it. right here on main thorofare brett. not far about 1.4 miles by my count directly east of the facility. so we're talking really close obviously from where the shooting took place about four hours and 28 minutes ago. we're going to get out of here and lance will walk over there as he gets out of the car. i'm going to obviously stop the car and do the same thing. hold on a second. all sorts of, you know, police presence as i mentioned about 15 minutes ago when this all started to go down. when we first herd and that was first tipped off that there was a pursuit in progress. that pursuit we first told was a pickup truck an black suv. at this point, they got the one car. but lance is going over there right now i'm catching up to him. helicopters obviously are above.
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police in tactical gear all around, brett. and they've -- i can tell you the number of ambulances we've seen that are on stand by. police and law enforcement from all over the region. lance, we can keep going. we're walking up here closer. i got you. >> stand by, full. we'll take your live shot as you get closer to the shear. robert a 34 year veteran of the san bernardino county sheriff's department he retired in 2012 as sheriff. rod as you look at this your thoughts on the day and what's happening? >> it's been really interesting day. tragic day of events here in san bernardino. it's unbelievable. i don't know what would possess someone to do the tragic -- take things into their hands to create such a tragic incident. i'm watching it as the rest of country is and i'm


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